ColorCompatibility Library

October 5, 2019

Update (11/19/2020): ColorCompatibility got a bump! Version 1.1.0 includes support for Objective-C. Thanks to Matthew Pierce for the contribution.

I wrote previously about a technique I use in Trestle and to support iOS 12 and lower while still using system provided, dark-mode accessible colors.

Since I wrote that post, I've had a few people comment that the ColorCompatibility code had issues, and I've updated it a few times, so today I decided to pull it out into its own library and GitHub repo! 🎉

  • You can find the GitHub repo here
  • You can install the library via Cocoapods using:
    pod 'ColorCompatibility', '~> 1.0.0'

Hopefully this is a better home for the code. Please feel free to submit an issue or pull request on GitHub if you notice something that you think should be changed.

Thanks to everyone who called out that there were errors in the original blog post - I really appreciate everyone in the community working to make the project more robust. 💪

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