a college graduate, developer, musician. Sometimes witty.

Hi, I'm Noah. I'm a software engineer, recent Berkeley grad, and migrant to the SF Bay Area. I'm really interested in web, graphic, UI, and product design, as well as full stack development and software engineering in general. My dream is to create the next big thing in technology, and make an impact by helping people along the way.

I've worked on a bunch of cool projects in the last few years (check out my resume here), and in college I lead a development team for Cal Blueprint and played bass drum for the Cal Marching Band. You can see what I've been working on recently on the projects page.

I'm also into writing blog posts: you can read there here.




Projects and Work Experience

Web app for Berkeley class management: Django, Web (HTML, CSS, JS), jQuery, d3
Berkeleytime is a Django based web application which makes course discovery for UC Berkeley students simple. The app includes four sections: a catalog that allows students to search classes easily and filter by university academic requirements, a grade distributions page which allows students to compare grade distributions across multiple classes, semesters, or professors, an enrollment tracking page for figuring out how fast classes fill up during registration, and a campus page for determining what rooms are available when on campus. Since launching in 2012, the site has accured 100,000+ unique visitors and more than a 1.5 million page views. It's deployed on heroku with a postgres backend, and the frontend uses jQuery and AJAX extensively to dynamically load course, grade, enrollment, and campus data.
Mobile web search suggestion UI: Python backend, Web (mobile focus)
I interned at Yelp during the summer of 2013 and will stat full time in July 2015. Among many small enhancements to the backend and frontend of Yelp's website (desktop and mobile), I implemented a new UI for search suggestions on m.yelp.com: the UI provides algorithmically curated category and business suggestions based on the user's query, which then allow navigation directly to the category or business page (in addition to regular search suggestions, which are based on common searches).
RE-volv (with Blueprint)
Solar power crowdfunding portal: Django, (Responsive) Web, Foundation, d3, Project Management
RE-volv is a San Francisco based nonprofit organization which provides community establishments with solar power through crowdfunding campaigns. With Cal Blueprint, a Berkeley campus organization that aims to bring beautiful software engineering to area nonprofits, I lead a small team in the development of a Django based crowdfunding, information, and administration portal. The portal includes dashboard-style tools for various types of donors and volunteers, as well as visualizations of solar investment returns and controls for donors to redirect investment returns into new crowdfunding campaigns. The portal is expected to launch in July 2015, and will also replace the existing website (content is editable by the nonprofit through a Django based CMS).
Web editor for layout formats: Nodejs, Web, Angular, Android
I interned at Flipboard during the summer of 2014. My summer project was to design a JSON based format for specifying mobile app views, with the goal of quick design iteration, ease of mobile component design, and image generation. I worked with a small team to design the specification and implemented a web based editor/server for the format using Node and Angular (including an fully featured HTML preview) and helped to prototype implementations on Android.
Native marching band charting app: C++ (OSX, Windows, Linux)
Calchart is an open source project maintained by the University of California Marching Band. It's a native application that runs on all three major operating systems, and the band uses it to design and distribute formations for their (our) field shows. Started in 1996, it includes a full, built in DSL used to define movement of band members on the field, its own proprietary file format, and a preview feature implemented in OpenGL. As the technology coordinator for the band from 2013-2014, I oversaw development of this project, including migrating the source control from SourceForge/SVN to Git/Github.
Marching Band visualization web app: Web, Flask, d3, jsPDF (open source)
Another open source application maintained by the University of California Marching Band, Calchart Viewer is a purely frontend website (though it integrates closely with a small server/file hosting component) which visualizes the band's field shows. Shows are exported as a JSON format from the Calchart native application, stored on a server, and visualized and animated on the frontend using d3.js and jQuery. Features of the application include playing the show animation in time with pre-recorded music and generating a PDF of the movements of an individual marcher.
Crowdfunding webpage: Web, Wordpress (open source js plugin)
For the past few years, The University of California Marching Band (Cal Band) has participated in a "50k challenge" in which donations to the band from new donors are matched with a donation from the University. In 2014, this became a particularly challenging goal when the band was faced with more than 11,000 dollars to raise in less than a month. I created a customized wordpress page on the band's website, including a visualization of how much money had been raised and controls for the band's Public Relations Director to update the progress and add updates. The site performed very well: the 11,000 dollars was raised in just 20 days.